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What Are the Best Types of Car Parking Shade Fabrics Used in Dubai?
June 24, 2021
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Which Fabric Should You Choose For Car Parking Shades in UAE?
July 12, 2021
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Buying Guide- How To Buy Car Parking Shades in Dubai?

car parking shades dubai

As a car owner, any person would put great effort to protect a car from the damages it may face exteriorly or interiorly. One of the major causes it may confront is the UV rays of the sun. For this reason, everyone wants to park the vehicle under some shady area or parking shed. In UAE, due to its extreme weather conditions, there is a great demand for car parking sheds in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Kaima and across UAE. But due to the increasing population, it is becoming difficult to find space for parking under shades in commercial and residential areas.

Choose The Spot For Your Shade

When choosing a spot for your shade, try to make the most of your seasonal heat. Also, consult with the council or local authorities to make sure that you have permission to build your parking shade. Then, most importantly, figure out where all your utilities are in the city. Water, gas, sewers and other pipes can be in your field of work and can cause problems later on.

Choose The Parking Shade Design

These are some of the car parking shade designs. These car shed designs can be produced using different car parking materials and fabrics, depending on your demand.

  • Standard reversed U shaped shade
  • Single pole umbrella shaped shade
  • Wave shape shade
  • Cone type shade
  • Pyramid style shade

Choosing Between Knit Fabric & PVC Fabric

You do need to determine the size of your car shade. When you are a home user, there is a range of options you can choose from a small tool shade, right through to a big, and double car garage. Depending on the size and demand, you can select the right car parking shade material for your vehicle.

People need a car park to shield their car from various weather conditions such as rain, heat, etc. If you are the one searching for a parking shade to shield it from dust, rain and harmful UV rays, then you are recommended to use a PVC or knit fabric, tensile, polycarbonate, conical shade for your vehicle. These shades will help you secure your car.

Identifying Measurements

The height: In most scenarios, the height is common sense. A tall person will be able to walk easily under the lowest end of the car park shade. A decent height is 2100 mm (7 ft) from the finished ground to the bottom of the lowest end rafter.

The slope: The slope of the roof will be at least 100 mm (4′′). When a transparent PVC roof is used, a steeper slope is recommended, since a steeper fall means a quicker run-off of water and thus a cleaner roof.

Get Permits

Be sure you’re going through the right authorities to get plans and permits. It will ensure that the basic health, protection, structural, environmental and heritage criteria are fulfilled in compliance with the local government and the Dubai Building Code.

Material To Design Car Parking Shade

  • Choosing your steel frame is the first step to creating a custom car parking shade.
  • Next, you’ll have to pick a sturdy sheet metal to create your car park shade. Gauge steel sheeting provides a protective barrier for both the sides as well as the shade of your custom car park.
  • The roof is of minimal falloff level; pitch; angle of inclination of the level sheet.
  • PVC or knit fabric can be used as parking shade fabric material.
  • The option of fabric cover may well be dictated by the type of conditions that the shade of the car park is likely to face.

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